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Political Marketing:

Campaign Websites

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Your campaign website is the heart of your communications efforts – “the hub” to which all your campaign activities connect.  It helps create your narrative by telling your story.  It explains your views and positions on the relevant issues in your locale.  It also relates that content in a visitor-friendly, easy-to-digest, memorable manner.

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Political Marketing:

Email Marketing

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Having an automated mechanism in place to capture the email addresses of those who come in contact with your various marketing channels is absolutely necessary, and it gives you personal permission to continue reaching out to them with your message (it’s getting that first “yes” from a potential voter!)

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Political Marketing:

Social Media Marketing

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Social Media has an undisputed King: Facebook.  It boasts of over 1.6 billion subscribers – over 1 billion logins on a daily basis!  Social media IS a big part of the generational paradigm shift that the internet age has fostered.  It will be an integral cog in our efforts for your campaign!

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Political Marketing:

Video Marketing

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Online video abounds on websites and on social media and viewing continues its upward trajectory while TV viewership continues to decline.  Video is a powerful medium and as with all things ‘internet,’ its usage can be tailored and targeted with different messages.

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Political Marketing:

Facebook Advertising/Lead Ads/Targeting

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Facebook IS the 800-pound gorilla in the room and social media advertising is extremely effective.  Facebook Ads are an incredibly efficient avenue for outbound messaging, including political campaigns.  We will utilize this platform to help you get elected!

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Political Marketing:

Retargeting/Programmatic Advertising

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Retargeting.  You may not know what it is or what it does.  Without getting into the weeds of technological jargon, just know there is a very, very big reason why we do it and why it will be a part of your political marketing efforts!

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Political Marketing:

Advanced Digital Voice Strategies

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Our advanced digital voice strategies are one of our most exciting, cutting-edge offerings for political candidate marketing.  With this strategy, you’ll be making friends and winning votes while your opposition will still be suffering the negative backlash of old-school robo calling.

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Political Marketing:

Press Releases

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The demise of the press release and press release marketing has been greatly exaggerated.  Alas, it continues to not only be relevant traditionally but has taken on a new life of its own, morphing and adapting to the digital landscape! 

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Latest Political Campaign News

  • What Southern Baptists were told about religious right's political future

    What Southern Baptists were told about religious right’s political future

    Buy Photo Donald Trump’s and Hillary Clinton’s successful bids for their party’s presidential nominations have shown that conservative Christians can no longer afford to be the cheapest date in American politics if they want to protect religious liberty, says conservative commentator David French . The National Review staff writer , who almost joined the 2016 presidential race as the anti-Trump candidate , called this year’s election cycle a "colossal, miserable, disgusting failure” before explaining to attendees at a Southern Baptist conference how the religious right can improve the political culture it helped shatter. “It’s bad, but in American history it’s been worse,” French said. “In American history when it’s been a lot do you know who has helped bring America back? … It’s been […]

  • For Hillary Clinton and Democrats, a Public Shift Toward ‘God-Talk’

    For Hillary Clinton and Democrats, a Public Shift Toward ‘God-Talk’

    Four months ago, as Hillary Clinton turned her attention from the Democratic primary toward a fall race against Donald J. Trump , her campaign released a commercial titled “Love and Kindness.” Against the soundtrack of a soulful ballad, the advertisement showed Mrs. Clinton in a series of warm embraces, including one with a grieving mother. The onscreen text included the phrase “do all the good we can, in all the ways we can, for all the people we can.” Through secular eyes, the advertisement linked Mrs. Clinton to some resolutely uncontroversial concepts — hope, kindness, love, good. In doing so, it sought to soften the perception that she is untrustworthy and unlikable. From a theological viewpoint, however, the commercial communicated in profound and coded […]

  • As Donald Trump Repels Minority Voters, G.O.P. Fears Its Future in the West

    As Donald Trump Repels Minority Voters, G.O.P. Fears Its Future in the West

    PHOENIX — Republicans in Western states fear that Donald J. Trump could imperil their party for years to come in the country’s fastest-growing region as he repels a generation of Hispanics, Asians and younger voters who have been altering the electoral map. Mr. Trump, with his insult-laden, culturally insensitive style of campaigning, is providing fuel for the demographic trends that are already reshaping the political composition of this once-heavily Republican territory. And now many Republicans are contemplating the possibility that states like Colorado or Nevada could soon become the next California: once competitive but now unwinnable in presidential contests. In few places are the party’s woes over their nominee more immediate than here in Arizona, a state that has voted for the Democratic presidential […]

  • GOP, Dem delegates told choice in 2016 is clear

    GOP, Dem delegates told choice in 2016 is clear

    Gov. Rick Snyder talks state and national politics at the Republican state convention. (Photo: Markell DeLoatch AP) While Republicans and Democrats nominated their candidates for the state Supreme Court and education-related boards Saturday, the undercurrent of the parties’ state conventions was a broader appeal to elect their candidates up and down the ticket. Former Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton told more than 2,000 delegates at the Republican state convention in Grand Rapids to “Grit your teeth and get ready for the election, because a lot depends on it.” His main target during a speech to Michigan Republicans was Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, who was a year ahead of him at Yale Law School. “She was a radical in law school and […]

  • Who’s Sorry Now? As Donald Trump Self-Destructs, Ted Cruz Is Probably One Of The Few Republicans Smiling Right Now.

    As Trump Self-Destructs, Cruz One Of The Few Republicans Smiling

    Ted Cruz must be a happy camper these days. With Donald Trump spiraling into an epic meltdown not seen since Britney Spears shaved her head, he is among only a handful of Republican leaders who stoically refused to endorse Trump from the onset. As such, he is poised to emerge with incredible political capital and a national reputation as the only major Republican who refused categorically to be “ a servile puppy “ to Donald Trump. Even more importantly, unlike the Bush clan, Cruz was the only Republican who showed up at the Republican National Convention and told it to Trump’s face. He told the audiences to “vote your conscience,” which promptly got him booed off the stage . Although the Trump organization had […]

  • FBI’s attempt to show Clinton probe was nonpartisan keeps running into politics

    FBI ‘non-partisan’ Clinton probe keeps running into politics

    Republicans are complaining the materials from the FBI’s investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email use were turned over in such a way that assessing them is difficult, while Democrats say they never should have been given to legislators at all. (Carolyn Kaster/AP) The political dust-up over the FBI handing documents about the Hillary Clinton email investigation to Congress is intensifying, with Republicans complaining the materials were turned over in such a way that assessing them is difficult and Democrats contendingthey should not have been given to legislators. On Tuesday, the FBI delivered to Congressan overview of the investigation along withsummaries of more than a dozen interviews with seniorClinton staffers, other State Department officials, former secretary of state Colin Powell and at least one other person, […]

  • Facing Trump, Democrats could have their own 1994 landslide, but numbers appear against them

    Democrats could have their own 1994 landslide

    The year 1994 was a pivotal, landslide year for Republicans. The GOP seized control of the Senate from Democrats for the first time in eight years. But the big story was the historic win by Republicans in the House. Republicans netted a staggering 54 seats, flipping the House to their control for the first time since 1952. Several things worked in the GOP’s favor. Republicans successfully portrayed President Bill Clinton as a “tax and spend” liberal and propounded the so-called “Contract with America” as their electoral promise. They excoriated the Clinton over the Whitewater land deal in Arkansas and his effort (alongside that of spouse Hillary Clinton) to move […]

  • Trump tries to appeal to Hispanic, black voters; argues Dems have abandoned them

    Trump Attempts Minority Voter Appeal

    Donald Trump met Saturday with his newly formed Hispanic advisory board, part of a new effort by the Republican presidential nominee and his new-look campaign team to win at least some support from minority voters as the White House race enters its final stages. Trump met in New York with the National Hispanic Advisory Council for Trump — a coalition of elected officials, business leaders and faith leaders — with hopes of improving relations with Latino voters. Helen Aguirre Ferri, director of Hispanic communications for the Republican National Committee, called the meeting a “game-changing” opportunity. RNC Chairman Reince Priebus said the meeting would be an exchange in which the […]

  • Super PAC launches $10 million effort to protect House GOP

    Super PAC launches $10 million effort to protect House GOP

    The Congressional Leadership Fund is moving to protect some of the most vulnerable members of Paul Ryan’s Republican majority. | Getty A leading super PAC aligned with House Republicans will unveil a record $10 million in spending on Monday in a dozen of the most competitive House districts – a sign of the party’s efforts to rally behind Speaker Paul Ryan and avoid a down-ballot bloodbath. The Congressional Leadership Fund is entering the general election fray earlier than it has in the past, and with more cash in its war chest to defend the GOP’s historically large House majority. The spending includes $7.4 million for TV ads in nine districts. About $3.4 million of the $10 million total will go toward efforts to pick […]

  • Hope for third parties rises with 2016 election

    Hope for third parties rises with 2016 election

    Supporters of Libertarian third-party candidate Gary Johnson gather outside a rally for U.S. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump at the Summit Sports and Ice Complex on Aug. 19, 2016 in Diamondale, Michigan. WASHINGTON — For nearly a year, Lauren Brillante of Broomfield said she did everything she could to help elect U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders as president. “It was like a full-time job,” said the longtime Democrat. But on the day Sanders endorsed Hillary Clinton, Brillante said she changed her voter registration to the Green Party. And she hasn’t looked back. Alex Brandon, Associated Press fileJill Stein, Green Party presidential nominee, speaks at a rally in Philadelphia on July 27, 2016. “The Democratic Party isn’t representing the will of the people. They are doing […]


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